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Week #2

Week #2

Last week was a whirlwind of activity! We worked with BNatural CBD UK  to create a Facebook Cover image and a glossy magazine ad for an Expo they are doing later in the year. We loved working with these guys, and their Face Oil is absolutely divine! It is by far the...

Market Mix Modelling (Maximising Return of Investment)

MARKET MIX MODELLING (MAXIMISE RETURN OF INVESTMENT)ANNI HAMEROwner of Flying Fox CreativeThe world of today and all of the modern resources businesses now have at their disposal to market themselves, it is very rare to seeing businesses not promoting themselves on...

How To Identify Your Target Market

How To Identify Your Target MarketANNI HAMERWeb and Graphic Designer and Owner of Flying Fox CreativeOne of the questions I always ask in my initial consultation with businesses that have hired me to do any kind of creative work (be-it Branding, Graphic Design, Web...

Agent Smith a New Virus Wreaking Havoc on Android users

According to U.S security researches, 25 million Android devices have been infected with a new type of malware which disguises its self as a legitimate app on user's phones. The hacked phones are mainly in the U.S and India. The malware virus is called 'Agent Smith' a...

Week 1

WOW! What a week! It’s been almost a week since Flying Fox Creative officially opened. Our feature in the Cumbria Crack Facebook page brought lots of interest and we are happy to say we are off to a flying start. We have been up to all sort this week, but one of the...

Grand Suede Marketing Materials £10 off This July!

Over time, the human mind has been trained to use all of their senses to make decisions. Making decisions relying on touch, feel, sight, smell and taste is a skill that helped keep our ancestors alive. In today's modern world we are no longer hunter-gatherers or...

How Our Prefabricated logos work

How Our Prefabricated logos work

ANNI HAMEROwner and lead designderThe way our bespoke logos work is we sit down with you and we work out what your logo and branding needs to be to attract the right customers to your business. We then go away and make 2-4 concepts (depending on what package your...

The Don’ts Doing Facebook Giveaways

A friend of mine owns a business called Social Elf . I recently went to her for advice on running Facebook giveaways.  I have heard her talk about, on several occasions, saving people from having their business pages suspended or deleted for not adhering to the rules...

Maisilu Branding

Maisilu Branding

Graphic design Branding Maisilu Maisilu is a small craft business that sells handmade goods. Maisilu is a brand that was turning a hobby into a fulltime business. It specialises in small handmade items such as brooches, jewellry and hand-crocheted items.DESIGNED BY...

Shipshape Copywriting Logo

Shipshape Copywriting Logo

Graphic design Branding Shipshape Copywriting SHIPSHAPE COPYWRITING is a brand-new small business specializing in copywriting. Sarah McNeill, the owner of SHIPSCAPE COPYWRITING, came to me with colours and asked for a geometric design to match business cards and...

Top 5 Deserted Island Plugins For DIY WordPressers

There are so many plugins to choose from, those who know me know one of my favorite sayings is, “there’s a plugin for that”. Even if you don't know .PHP or JavaScript you can still do a fantastic, dynamic webpage for your business. You can find or create a plugin to...

What You Need To Know About SSL Certificates

What is SSL  SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol which “allows applications to communicate in a securely across a network, preventing tampering with and eavesdropping, on emails, web browsing, messaging and other protocols.” (MDN)  Once upon a time,...

5 Things to Consider BEFORE You Start Your Blog

Although blogging is a free form of expression for either personal or business reasons, there are a few pit-falls to know before you start your blog. This will make the blogging experience more enjoyable for you and your blog followers, as well as stopping you having...

The Psychology of Colour in Branding

03 July, 2019 By: Anni Hamer Everyone sees and feels colours differently this is all you need to know in order to  choose the right colours for your branding. In March, 2018 Entrepreneur Magazine published an article called ‘The Psychology of Colour’. The article...

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