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Kaiser has a congenital liver condition which means he needs life-saving surgery. We need to raise $6,000 to get him this treatment.
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Things were seemingly great! I was about 6 weeks into my obedience course, and I vomited one night and stopped eating. I took 2 weeks off from working while mom nursed me back to feeling better. It took a little while, but I eventually seemed to be feeling my usual, peppy self. 

Then, one night mom noticed my tummy was really bloated.  She called Dr. Besancon after hours, and they both assumed I snuck into my dog food storage. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and my tummy continued to be bloated.

Mom couldn’t wait until Monday for me to be seen and took me to a clinic that was open on Saturdays. That doctor confirmed there was fluid in my abdomen and mentioned a bunch of scary things to mom, including heart failure.

Mom followed up with Dr. Besancon who ordered a series of diagnostic tests; bloodwork, x-rays, and CT scan. My bloodwork indicated my liver isn’t functioning properly. Dr. Besancon told mom it could be a congenital liver shunt, but additional costly tests were needed. Together, they decided to treat me with medication to see how I respond before looking toward possible surgery.



Even though I am on a specific diet and host of medications, including liver supplements and diuretic (lasix), mom has continued to bring me in to have the excess fluid drained from my abdomen, about every 5 days. Each drain relieves between 1500-4400 mL of fluid. To put that into perspective, a gallon is about 3800 mL and as water, weighs about 8.5 lbs. 

On Thursday 6/20/2019, I had 4400 mL drained off me. The next day, I was not myself and refused to eat. Mom brought me to see the Dr. and my exam didn’t indicate anything particularly abnormal given my history. I was given a steroid injection and an appetite stimulant. I only picked at my food all weekend, so mom brought me back on Monday morning. 

In talking with the Dr. mom learned that if I indeed have a liver shunt, my prognosis is not good without surgery. While my symptoms could be managed medically, my quality of life would continue to sharply decline as my body started to fail me.  Plasma transfusions could not only help prolong my life but could also help me maintain a good quality of life. However, surgery would be my best bet for a longer, healthier life.

Though we still don’t have all the answers, mom promised me she would do whatever she can to save my life, even if it includes asking friends, family, and strangers to help her do so!



Instagram Star

Mom was particularly impressed with my intelligence and temperament. She immediately enrolled me in puppy obedience class and planned to continue my education so that I could learn to be a therapy dog. She wants to take me along to nursing homes and hospitals so that I can bring joy and comfort to others. During my journey, she made me an Instagram account and quickly garnered over 1300 followers.    Then, I got sick, training and IG got put on the back burner.



Pay the vet Directly

If you would like to make donations by paying the vet office directly, please contact Crossroads Veterinary Clinic and make a payment towards 

Kaiser Dudley PantelCrossroads Veterinary phone number (361) 575-3692




You can also help by buying any of the cool merchandise on this site. All of the proceeds will go towards Kaiser’s ongoing treatment, and will all help towards raising our goal of $6000 to get him the surgery he needs. 



If you would like to donate directly to my family, Paypal is accepted. All the donations will go straight to the vet to pay for current and future treatment.



Mom’s friend Anahi sells amazing Scentsy products and has agreed to donate all her commission to help Kaiser during this 2 week party.  



Altruism with potential reward more your style?

Check out the group Save Kaiser on facebook to win amazing prizes!




If you have any skills or merchandise to donate to give away as prizes or to sell on our online shop please get in touch. All donations of items are hugely appreciated and will be a great help in getting me the treatment I need. 


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