Over time, the human mind has been trained to use all of their senses to make decisions. Making decisions relying on touch, feel, sight, smell and taste is a skill that helped keep our ancestors alive.

In today’s modern world we are no longer hunter-gatherers or running from dinosaurs, but we still rely on our senses to make decisions every day. Now there is a perfect way to add an extra sense to your marketing with Grand Suede business cards and other marketing materials. These cards are printed on super thick 450gsm board, then laminate with a special
soft-touch finish which feels like suede. When you have an eye-catching design printed on this luxurious card-stock your business cards will pack a double punch combo to your potential customers.

Other marketing materials such as Showcards, Invitations, Flyers, Menus, and folders.

This January, we are taking £10 off all materials printed on Grand Suede.

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