Graphic design

Shipshape Copywriting

SHIPSHAPE COPYWRITING is a brand-new small business specializing in copywriting.

Sarah McNeill, the owner of SHIPSCAPE COPYWRITING, came to me with colours and asked for a geometric design to match business cards and flyers that she had already had printed. I converted the colours she had into PANTONE shades for consistancy of future print work





Creative Process

“Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.” –

The creative process for this design was easier than most. Usually, I start to find inspiration before I begin to create, but this design was one that came almost immediately.

I wanted to use an origami boat to represent SHIPSHAPE. It is a ship, but it is shaped with paper.

Client Brief

At the initial consultation, I was presented with business cards and an A5 leaflet that had already been created. I converted the colours into Pantone colours, and used a geometric theme for the boat and other branding elements.

Design Demographic

The client came with pre-selected colours which had quite a feminine field. After initial consultation with the client I established she already works with quite a few established women in business. I kept the desgin quite feminine, but off set the pink with a navy, so it would be appealing to both men and women. 

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