WOW! What a week! It’s been almost a week since Flying Fox Creative officially opened. Our feature in the Cumbria Crack Facebook page brought lots of interest and we are happy to say we are off to a flying start. We have been up to all sort this week, but one of the projects we worked on really pulled at our heart-strings.

We were approached by a client with a poorly pooch looking to raise money for a lifesaving operation. Of course, we were on board! WE LOVE DOGS here at Flying Fox Creative. We created a nice little eCommerce site to sell merchandise to raise money for the cause. Sadly, the pup passed away halfway through making the website, but the owner decided to push through with the project to cover the cost of other poorly pooches in need in their area. You can view the site

We have had lots of branding packages go out this week and I can’t wait for the clients’ final stamp of approval before I share them all with you. We have also been working on lots of internal projects and having meetings with more potential associates. We are excited to be working with such talented people and we can’t wait to bring more experts on board to offer a wider range of services our clients.

All in all, it’s been a fantastic week and we can’t wait to see what’s just right around the corner. Next week is looking pretty full and we couldn’t be happier to be busy!

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